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Enjoy hearing better, with individually tailored solutions for hearing loss, friendly and experienced advice and access to the latest technology. Contact us at Sherborne, Dorset on 01935 815647 or Fordingbridge, Hampshire (covers into Wiltshire inc Salisbury) on 01425 655142.

Coronavirus Update:

We are open for ear wax removal, hearing tests and assistance.

Thank you to all who have called ahead of the second lockdown to ask if we will be open.  As you can see, the answer is YES!  May I clarify.

We continue to be an excepted business; during the first lockdown we were unable to open because we simply could not obtain PPE.  Since then, as many of our happy customers will attest, we have Covid 19 safe protocols

in place, we have PPE supplies, and we are able to remain open during the current lockdown.

The rules continue though, so please help us to help you by:

  • Only attending by appointment!

We can only accommodate one client bubble at a time, so we politely request you arrive at your appointed time – waiting outside in the cold & wet is miserable!

To make an appointment,
please contact us:


Fordingbridge: 01425 655142

Sherborne: 01935 815647

  • Please wear your mask,  use our hand sanitizer, and in the event that you or someone in your household or bubble has developed symptoms or been in contact with ANYONE who has symptoms or confirmed coronavirus, please STAY  AT HOME & RE-APPOINT.
  • If you are due for your 18-24 month check-up, we will be calling you.  Our guidance suggests that we should only see those clients who feel that their hearing loss has changed, or their hearing instruments are not working as well.  If this is you, please pick up the ‘phone or email us and make an appointment NOW.  If this is not you, we will catch up with you when times are safer.
  • PLEASE remember:  we can only see you by appointment.  If you require accessories or help, just call us or email us and we will respond, and we will arrange a time for you to collect your items or see the dispenser.    We intend to be open but if you hear the answerphone message, leave us a message and we will come back to you.  Remember, if more people have to call us first, the phones will be busier and you may get a message rather than a member of staff.

Regrettably, our doors must be closed to those who don’t have an appointment, so PLEASE CALL FIRST.  We are still available for all your needs.

Thank you for your understanding.  Let’s all stay safe.  We really do look forward to seeing all our friends and customers as soon as we can.  We hope this explanation is helpful.

Hearing healthcare for Dorset, Hampshire and Salisbury including microsuction

At Girlings Hearing Aid Services we pride ourselves on being a leading hearing healthcare provider primarily based in Sherborne (Dorset) and Fordingbridge (Hampshire, also covering Wiltshire inc Salisbury). We provide a full service to both new and existing hearing aid wearers and we are committed to offering you the very best impartial advice. We only recommend products which fit both your personal hearing loss and your lifestyle. Whether you suffer from hearing loss, or have a hearing related problem (including ear wax requiring microsuction), we guarantee you will receive comprehensive and independent advice on your hearing and products available to us.

Established in April 1995

Girlings Hearing Aid Service is a local, family run business. We guarantee you will receive expert care not only when you first come and talk to us but for as long as we are looking after your hearing health. Formerly governed and legislated by the Hearing Aid Council, hearing aid dispensers are now governed by the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC). Both Ian and Nicola are registered with the HCPC and you can check the registers on its website.




Your body naturally produces earwax to maintain good ear health. It is essential for self-cleaning your ears and helps to protect sensitive ear canals from bacteria and debris that can cause infections. However, sometimes this wax can become hard and impacted which often leads to discomfort and even hearing loss. If your hearing is being affected by excess ear wax then we can help! We offer a range of clinical ear care treatments including Microsuction – call us for more information or to book a consultation.

  • Simple, clean and safe

  • No fuss, no liquids, no mess

  • Guaranteed effective

  • By trained ear health experts

  • £60 for one ear or £80 for both*

  • By appointment only.

*Please note: In the event of no wax being present there will be a minimum fee of £15.