Our independent, family-run business has made a pledge to be as environmentally aware as possible. We aim to only work with suppliers who have the best eco credentials and we try to make small changes that make a big difference whenever we can. Whether it’s the way we make a cuppa, or the vehicles we drive, we believe every change helps.

  1. Our business uses electric vehicles to travel to our clinics and for home visits.
  2. We encourage vehicle sharing where possible when staff are travelling to the same clinic.
  3. We use a third-party printing service which is ISO 14001:2015 certified and sustainably carbon neutral since 2021.
  4. Our printer partners with DPD for greener delivery, using electric vehicles.
  5. We recycle all cardboard and paper waste, with a paid-for service collected weekly.
  6. We reuse all ‘waste’ paper where possible, including out-of-date letterhead, using this as note paper or for in-house printing.
  7. We only buy from leading hearing aid and accessory suppliers who are ISO certified and with the highest sustainability credentials.
  8. We present all our new hearing aids and accessories to clients in a reusable, branded jute bag with its own eco credentials.
  9. We recycle as much supplier packaging as possible – always reusing bubble wrap, padded envelopes and more.
  10. We have eco LED lighting in our shop windows, which are set on timers for optimum sustainability.
  11. We monitor and control our electricity usage with the use of Smart Meters.
  12. Our renewable energy is supplied by Octopus which offers a ‘100% green tariff’.
  13. We invest in Microsoft365 for secure, efficient and sustainable communications and document storage/sharing, which reduces the need for printing.
  14. Our in-house printing, when necessary, is with HP: A carbon neutral business; and we subscribe to their ‘Instant Ink’ service, meaning less waste and more sustainability with all ink cartridges recycled. HP Instant Ink on average decreases the carbon footprint of ink purchase and distribution by 73%, while reducing energy use by 69% and lowering water use by 70%, compared with cartridge purchase and recycling through traditional retail channels.
  15. We collect and recycle our batteries through a dedicated recycling specialist.
  16. We use eco laundry products, including detergent sheets and laundry eggs, when washing our clinics’ hand-drying towels, treatment towels and tea towels.
  17. We use the Sikkens brand of paint for our exterior paintwork – a brand that believes ‘every action counts’ when it comes to sustainability. Their Extralife warranty means we can reduce energy, waste and maintenance costs through less frequent refurbishment.
  18. We choose wool carpets in our clinic to reduce static electricity (critical for our clients with cochlear implants). Sustainable wool also improves air quality by absorbing humidity as well as indoor airborne toxins.
  19. And finally – time for tea! We have dispensed with our kettle and invested in a one cup water boiler for energy efficiency. We haven’t cut down on cake, sorry, but we DO keep that locally sourced!

We are always looking at additional ways to work in an environmentally conscious way, so do revisit this page for updates!