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Nicola Girling

Nicola became a trainee dispenser in March 1984, and under the rules of the time, qualified as a Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser at the earliest opportunity – by June 1986. During her career, she has been involved in training other dispensers, raising standards and awareness, and executive management for a large hearing aid retailer.

Being a West Country girl, when she met Ian, they decided to return to the West Country to start a family and set up their own practice.

Nicola is often charged with more ‘behind the scenes’ aspects of the practice, but still dispenses and continues to enjoy the challenges dispensing can create. She is always more than happy to see all clients.

Dan Girling RHAD

Many of our established clients who have known us since we first came to Sherborne in 2000 -or even when we first started our practice in 1995! – will have watched us and our family grow over the last 20 years.  You will have been aware of our children and their mishaps and successes.  Many of you will now have met Dan, our son,  since he joined the practice in 2017 s a trainee hearing aid dispenser.  Many of you will also be aware that he became fully qualified early in  2019 and has since been honing and expanding his skills.

For those of you who have not yet met him, he is now attracting quite a following of clients who seek him out and identify him as their prefered dispenser.  Nicola & Ian are of course delighted and humbled that he has not only been accepted as, but is proving that he is indeed an integral and valued asset to the practice;  this helps us to feel the future of Girlings is assured for many years to come.  We hope you too will be confident in the knowledge that we intend to continue to enhance and improve our practice for the benefit of our clients and communities.  We of course thank all of our customers, our loyal clients for their ongoing custom, recommendations and support without which we would not be here.

Ian Girling

Ian retrained and became a qualified Registered Dispenser in 1995. He gained experience with both large and smaller hearing aid retailers, but then broadened his experience by providing locum services to the Audiology departments of West Dorset and Somerset Health Care Trusts.

Ian and Nicola support each other, but are able to bring their own experience and style to the practice, not to mention the benefits of having the ‘Mars’ and ‘Venus’ approach to different problems!

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