Unitron releases its latest hearing instrument, Moxi ALL – available to try at Girlings!

Like all hearing instruments driven by the Tempus™ platform, Moxi ALL was designed around Unitron’s core philosophy of putting client needs at the forefront. The new hearing solution is designed to deliver amazing sound quality and advanced performance features help you hear the best in all of life’s conversations, including those on mobile phones.



After powering up overnight, a rechargeable battery is designed to help “keep you in the conversation” for up to 16 hours, including two hours of mobile phone use and five hours of TV streaming. Plus, you never have to worry if you forget to charge because you have the flexibility to swap in traditional batteries at any time.

Made for all phones
Moxi All hearing instruments connect directly to all phones – not just iPhones®.

There’s no need to touch the phone. You clearly hear what callers are saying, while microphones transmit their voice to your mobile phone.

Rechargeable freedom
An easy overnight charge provides the freedom to stay in the conversation all day.